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How to apply for Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmittion Society's Membership

Application :

  1. In PERSON:
    Attend HARTS monthly meeting
    About Monthly Meeting

  2. By MAIL:
    Attach a crossed cheque payable to
    Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting Society Limited”, write down your Callsign/Name on the back of the cheque.
    <Please DO NOT send post-dated cheque nor cash>

    You can also deposit the membership fee into
    Hong Kong Bank account no.:
    098-540313-838 / FPS 7655103

    Send back the forms with the original pay-in slip to [GPO Box 541, Central, Hong Kong] or email to

Membership :

  1. Associate (For Not Licensed)
  2. Ordinary
  3. Life

Membership Fee (from 2012/04/15) :

  1. Entry Fee : $100 plus

  2. Annual Fee : $200. or
  3. Entry Fee & 5 Years Annual Fee : $800

  4. Life Membership Fee (for member joined at least 1 year) : $4000.

Please include :

  1. Two Passport size photos (please write your name/callsign at the back)
  2. Copy of first page of the license
  3. Copy of A.T.O.
  4. Copy of personal identification document (ID card or passport)

<Your personal particulars will be used as according to related rules and regulations of Hong Kong>

Click here to download the APPLICATION FORM

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