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How to apply for Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmittion Society's Membership

Application :

  1. In person: HARTS monthly meeting at the second Tuesday of every month, at:  About Monthly Meeting
  2. By mail: Attach a crossed cheque payable to Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting Society Limited . And write down your callsign/Name on the back of the cheque. Please do not send post-dated cheque nor cash. You can also deposit the membership fee into HongkongBank account no. 098-540313-838, and please send back with the original pay-in slip.

Membership :

  1. Associate
  2. Ordinary
  3. Life

Membership Fee (from 2012/04/15) :

  1. Entry fee : $100.
  2. Annual fee : $200. or
  3. Entry fee & 5 years Annual fee : $800
  1. Life membership fee (for member joined at least 1 year) : $4000.

Please include :

  1. Two Passport size photos (please write your name/callsign at the back)
  2. Copy of first page of the license
  3. Copy of A.T.O.
  4. Copy of personal identification document (ID card or passport)

Your personal particulars will be used as according to related rules and regulations of Hong Kong.


Click here to download the APPLICATION FORM

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