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Hong Kong, formerly VS6, was a British colony for over a century. Since 1st July 1997, we became a Special Administration Region of the People’s Republic of China (“HKSAR”), and adopted the prefix VR2.

HARTS remains as before, the IARU member society after the 1997 handover. We are a major supporting organization providing an important source of volunteers in charitable outdoor events in Hong Kong. The most well-known is the annual Oxfam Trailwalker. There, we provide amateur radio communication coverage over a 100km trail across a number of our country parks to support the event’s overall command and ARES, mitigating area where reliable mobile phone coverage is unrealiable. Each time, we need to organize more than 100 support posts and HAMs to volunteer in this event, which lasts for more than 48 hours. Being there physically creates more inspiration in helping our community with HAM radio.

After the handover in 1997. We continue to have our own set of laws, languages, currency and visa requirement for entry into Hong Kong. Actually, if you have friends that have traveled to China and Hong Kong they will tell you that it feels like two different civilizations. Our main banknotes are issued by commercial banks licensed in Hong Kong, you will find that there may be 6 different designs of banknotes of the same denomination. Prepare for it, they may confuse you when you receive 6 one hundred dollar notes with 6 different designs from 3 different banks, none of them issued by the HKSAR Government!

Hong Kong is easy to travel around not just because it is small, but you will find English signs everywhere, which are readable and understandable. Our MTR (i.e. subway) system has not only Cantonese and Mandarin, but also English in the broadcast announcements and on all the location signage. Catering in Hong Kong also adopts this fusion culture. You will find many fusion cuisines in Hong Kong.

The HARTS Awards also have this fusion culture. We have the only Awards in the world that are in Chinese style artwork but all the award information is in English, LOL. Our awards applications are also in English.


This award design with firecrackers that are usually used during Chinese New Year or other festivals. It only has entry level requirements.


QSO with 6 different VR2(VS6) stations.

QSO with 10 different VR2(VS6) stations are required for those applicants residing in CQ zones 18, 19 and 24 to 28.

Only QSOs made after 1st January, 1964 are valid

Fee: US$8 (HK$70 or 25IRC)


This award features the famous dragon theme. Legend has it that nine dragons symbolizes the maximum number of dragons that can appear in one event.


QSO with 9 CQ zones : one each with zones 18, 19 and 24 to 30.

QSO with Zone 24 must be VR2 (VS6) station

QSOs are required with each zone in these 9 zones including 2 VR2 stations.

Only QSOs made after 1st January, 1979 are valid

Fee: US$15 (HK$120 or 45IRC)


This award is about a little bit bigger that a sheet of A3 paper. With the world map on it makes it a good and practical decoration for your radio room wall.

Applicants should submit the confirmation of QSOs with HAM stations within the territories along the latitude 22 degrees North (see attachment).


There are three levels for this Award: Radio stations in Hong Kong must be included in each of the Awards

Level 3 – QSO with minimum 15 territories

Level 2 – QSO with minimum 20 territories

Level 1 – QSO with all 25 territories

Territories located along the latitude 22 degrees North:

VR2 (VS6) Hong Kong, XX9 (CR9) Macau, BY P.R. China, BV Taiwan, XV Vietnam, XW Laos, XZ Myanmar, S2 Bangladesh, VU2 India, A4x Oman, A6x United Arab Emirates, HZ Saudi Arabia, ST Sudan, SU Egypt, 5A Libya, TT8 Chad, 5UT Niger, 7X Algeria, TZ Mali, 5T5 Mauritania, CN Morocco, C6 Bahamas, CO Cuba, XE Mexico, KH6 Hawaii

Only QSOs made after 1st January 1980 are valid

Fee: US$20 (HK$160 or 60IRC)

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