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有關2009年以後的消息請直接查看通訊事務管理局辦公室 (OFCA) 業餘無線電服務網頁:- 

通訊事務管理局 OFCA

業餘無線電服務 Amateur Radio Services



2009 年 2 月

香港電訊管理局 - OFTA 對HARTS 回覆有關D-STAR在業餘無線電的使用:

OFTA 回覆於下:
Dear Mr. Fung and Mr. Chan,

      Thank you for your email of 17.2.2009.

2.    It is stipulated in the Amateur Station Licence (ASL) that the
licensee is authorized to use the amateur station, as a part of the
self-training of the licensee, to communicate with other amateur stations
by transmitting and receiving the following:
a) messages about matters of a personal nature in which the licensee, or
the person with whom he is in communication, has been directly concerned;
b) signals which are not being in secret code or cypher and form part of,
or relate to, the transmission of such messages.

3.    As you are aware, holder of the ASL is allowed to employ the classes
of emission as specified in schedule 1 to the ASL for radiocommunications,
which include both telephony (with classes of emission ending in E) and
Data (with classes of emission ending in D).

4.    It is also stipulated in Article 25.2 A of the Radio Regulations that
transmissions between amateur stations of different countries shall not be
encoded for the purpose of obscuring their meaning.

5.    According to the information provided, D-Star is an open digital
voice and data protocol developed by the Japan Amateur Radio League so that
any manufacturer/amateur can use this protocol to create amateur radio
equipment.  Please note that OFTA adopt the technology neutral approach.
We have no objection to the application of new technologies for amateur
radiocommunications provided that they are in compliance with the above
mentioned requirements and the conditions of the ASL from time to time.

Best regards
Y L Fong
Support Services Subsection
OFTA, Hong Kong

2007 年 7 月

HARTS 參觀電訊管理局無線電監察組  

2006年9月 Sept. 2006

Mobile Coverage of Hiking Trails in Country Parks, provided by OFTA:






2006年3月 March 2006

Emergency Communications in Country Parks, provided by OFTA:


Stay in Touch in Country Parks 郊野公園緊急通訊

English Version: http://www.ofta.gov.hk/en/ca_bd/stay-in-touch.html

中文: http://www.ofta.gov.hk/zh/ca_bd/stay-in-touch.html 

2006年1月 Jan. 2006

電 訊 管 理 局 開 放 市 民 波 段 予 公 眾 進 行 日 常 通 訊 OFTA announced the Opening of Citizens Band for Public Use

2005年11月 Nov. 2005


2004年5月 May 2004

中國內地與香港特區在有關操作業餘電台的互認安排    Mutual Recognition Arrangement of Amateur Station Operations between Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR


Guideline for Application of Amateur Station Licence and Authority to Operate by Mainland Amateur Radio Operators during their Stay or Visit in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

2004年2月 February 2004


Cancellation of Morse Code Test Requirement and All Amateur Station Licence Classes, 430 to 440 MHz Bands Opened for Portable and Mobile Operations and 10.45 to 10.5 GHz Band Allocated for Amateur Service

2001年8月 Aug. 2001

電 訊 局 承 認 香 港 專 業 教 育 學 院 青 衣 分 校 所 舉 辦 的 業 餘 無 線 電 考 試 及 業 餘 無 線 電 莫 爾 斯 電 碼 測 驗 , 並 將 引 入 「 中 級 通 用 級 別 」業 餘 電 台 牌 照
OFTA Recognizes Radio Amateur Examination and Amateur Morse Test to be Conducted by the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, Tsing Yi and Introduces "Intermediate Class" Amateur Station Licence  

New arrangement of amateur callsign series in Hong Kong from Aug. 2001 香港業餘無線電台呼號由2001年8月開始的安排

After introduction of new "Intermediate Class" Amateur Station Licence, and considering suggestions from HARTS*, OFTA have finalized new arrangement of amateur call sign series as follows :

New arrangement of amateur callsign series in Hong Kong  香港業餘無線電台呼號新安排

After introduction of new "Intermediate Class" Amateur Station Licence, and considering suggestions from HARTS*, OFTA have finalized new arrangement of amateur call sign series as follows :

Full Class VR2AA to VR2WZ (tota 598 call signs)
Restricted Class VR2XAA to VR2ZZZ (total 2028 callsigns) --------- Present
Restricted Class VR2UAA to VR2WZZ (total 2028 callsigns) --------- to be introduced immediately
Intermediate Class VR2AAA to VR2CZZ (total 2028 callsigns) -------- to be introduced immediately

OFTA stated that this arrangement of call sign for amateur service in Hong Kong could meet the needs for at least over five years, so they have no intention to open new prefixes for amateur in the near future until they foresee there is a demand.

And as regarding the assignment of callsign to Intermediate Class Licensees upon the candidate have passed the Morse Test, OFTA will continue the current practice of allowing applicants to have choices of three callsigns, with priorities given, when they submit the application. If all the three callsigns are not available, OFTA will assign a call sign in a sequential order to the applicant.

*Keynote: this new arrangement is one of the proposal submitted by HARTS Committee in last 2 weeks.


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