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IARU with HARTS in ITU Telecom World 2006


“ITU Telecom World 2006” was held on 4 – 8 December, at Asia-World Expo in Hong Kong SAR. The featured event was organized by International Telecommunication Union (ITU).



ITU Telecom World, which is the focus of information and communication technologies (ICT) industry, is being held every three years. This year, exhibitors from all over the world made huge investment in their booth decoration and demonstration to catch the interest of participants. They actively participated in the event for making business connections. Vendors, ICT services providers, government departments and policy makers gathered in the event to exhange their views in ICT development trends. ITU Telecom World served as a platform for global information exchange in the ICT industry.


As part of the ICT industry, IARU run a booth (number 8014) in ITU Telecom World 2006 to promote amateur radio. As the sole society member of IARU in Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting Society (HARTS) provided technical and logistic support to IARU in the exhibition. A brand new callsign, VR2ITU, was used in the event for demonstration of doing amateur radio QSO. A local UHF repeater, VR2R, was employed. VR2ITU made both internal and external QSO with HAMs during ITU Telecom World 2006.






The representatives from HARTS introduced the situation of amateur radio operation in Hong Kong to visitors. They also explained how amateur radio, as reliable radio support, were widely used in Hong Kong’s charity events. HAMs from all around the world visited the booth. They had fruitful discussions with the representatives from IARU and HARTS.

HAM visiting IARU booth



The theme of this year’s ITU Telecom World is “Digital Life”. Widely used end-user products, infrastructure-equipments and different forms of ICT services were being shown, including GPRS, EDGE, W-CDMA / UMTS, CDMA20001X EV-DO, DWDM / SDH / FTTH Optical network, FOMA, i-mode, VoIP, etc. Latest technologie, including HSDPA, HSUPA, WiMAX, Mobile TV, HDTV, IPTV, etc., were also demonstrated. The main objective nowadays is to build a NGN (Next Generation Network) with IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) on top of these technologies, so as to attain “FMC” (Fixed-Mobile Convergence). More importantly, it is the ambition of ITU-Development Sector to “Connect the Unconnected by 2015” and to Bridge the Digital Divide” in development countries, which help to achieve a real digital life throughout the world.







With heart-felt appreciation to IARU, representatives from HARTS gained valuable information from IARU and ITU in various aspects of the ICT industry through participation in the event. This will surely helps HARTS to better serve our beloved amateur radio community.

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