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標題: [R3-dcom] Ecuador earthquake - keep frequency clear [打印本頁]

作者: vr2usp    時間: 19/4/2016 08:45     標題: [R3-dcom] Ecuador earthquake - keep frequency clear

Date:        2016年4月19日 上午8:21
Subject:        [R3-dcom] Ecuador earthquake - keep frequency clear

Ecuador earthquake - keep frequency clear

Following the 7.5 magnitude earthquake centred near the coast of Ecuador
has claimed more than 400 lives so far, and the frequency 7.060 MHz is being
used as radio amateurs handle emergency traffic.

The earthquake on April 16 caused widespread destruction. Most damage was
in the Guayaquil and Portoviejo/Manta areas, and the rescue and recovery

Hit areas have been without electric power, and serious problems have occurred
with normal communications.

A report received is that electrical power and telecommunication systems
have been affected, and hams in the HC4 district have used their mobile stations
or battery power.

Moves to get generators and solar panels to them is affected by disruption
of roads some made impassable by the earthquake.

Relief groups and the army had moved to provide humanitarian assistance,
as aftershocks continues to be felt.

-Jim Linton VK3PC, IARU Region 3 Chairman, Disaster Communications Committee

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