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作者: VR2YDR    時間: 3/2/2014 09:28     標題: QSL Bureau of France

Dear all,
Please note the message from REF regarding the correct address of French QSL Bureau dated 29.1.2014.
Best Regards,
Hon. Secertary, HARTS

Réseau des Emetteurs Français (REF) is the French National Radioamateur Society, of
public interest, created in 1925 and founder memberof IARU.
Réseau des Emetteurs Français is still the only French representative to IARU. For that
reason REF QSL bureau is the only one accepted by IARU for France.
Consequently all QSL bureaux of national Societies members of IARU have to send their
QSL to France exclusively to REF QSL bureau.
Since a few months, some European national Societies have been abused by so-called
French QSL bureaux from French associations.
Several Societies, members of IARU (Austria, Croatia, Poland, Russia, Serbia and a few
others) send QSL for our members particularly to anillegitimate and unrecognised
association called ANRPFD, and the quantities are no more unsignificant but very high
This situation is very bad for REF members who do not receive directly their QSL and
have to pay for transport of their QSL passing through these indirect ways while direct
way through REF QSL bureau is free for REF members.
REF members QSL cards are retained and our members complaints are more and more
This situation is intolerable and opposite to IARU rules.
Consequently, I ask you to use your powers to remind all Societies members of IARU to
be in accordance with IARU rules and that the only address of IARU QSL bureau for
France is
Réseau des Emetteurs Français
Service QSL
32, rue de Suède
BP 77429
37074 TOURS CEDEX 02

Dear president, thank you in advance and best 73.
REF President

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