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[R3-dcom] HERO radio amateurs help as typhoon nears

HERO radio amateurs help as typhoon nears

The Philippines Amateur Radio Association (PARA) activated its Ham Emergency
Radio Operations (HERO) network for Typhoon Hagupit, as thousands of people
evacuated coastal or low lying areas.

Jojo Vicencio DU1VHY said the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC)
has its headquarters and seven regional offices on the ham band with the
set-up of stations coming from radio amateurs.

JoJo DU1VHY said there are numerous hams embedded with Disaster Risk Reduction
Management Councils for the pending emergency.

?Now as a matter of routine, they readily use this resource as some amateur
radio clubs fold in to these government organisations during local emergencies.

?The first impact of the typhoon is forecast for the shores of Eastern Samar.
It was close to landfall,? he said.

HERO reports that its net of 7.095 MHz had 150 check-ins last night with
over 20 from nearby nations of Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.

JoJo DU1VHY said it was now a full-time emergency traffic network, with HERO
responding to any need.

Early today a helicopter made an emergency landing because of strong winds.
The low flying helicopter came down in front of the home of Christopher Firmo
DW5WXZ who rendered immediate assistance and called the police to attend.

Among those on board were news representatives from the BBC and Japan plus
UN volunteers.

After being given a van the journalists left for Tacloban City and the chopper
returned to Cebu City.

- Jim Linton VK3PC, Chairman IARU Region 3 Disaster Communications Committee.

Date : 2014年12月7日 上午9:50
Subject: [R3-dcom] Typhoon begins to cut its path on land

Typhoon begins to cut its path on land

Making its first landfall at the town of Dolores at Eastern Samar in the
east of the Philippines, Typhoon Hagupit has brought heavy rain, wind, and
caused damage.

Jojo Vicencio DU1VHJY on the Ham Emergency Radio Operations (HERO) network
reports the wind at 195 km/h strength and gusting up to 210 km/h.

He said many people evacuated the coastal and low lying areas early and the
unconfirmed death toll at this stage is low.

The HERO network on the Philippines Amateur Radio Association is active with
search parties and damage evaluation teams are out looking at the affected
areas, and are due to report soon.

Jojo DU1VHJY said, "The HERO network (7.095 MHz) was very busy, helped by
good propagation that included messages with outlying areas, and even a station
in Hawaii that checked on the typhoon's progress.

"Reports are that the airport at Catarman has the edge of its runway covered
in two-metres of water, and the roof at the Tacloban hospital had collapsed.

"The initial impression of  the typhoon damage is that a lot of light-material
homes have been destroyed along the Northern Samar area."

He said Typhoon Hagupit seemed headed for the island of Masbate and expected
to make five landfalls until it exits early on Wednesday.

Locals fear that this storm may see some repeat of the damage caused by Typhoon
Haiyan that killed 6,500 people in November 2013.

While Hagupit is weaker, it remains the most powerful storm to hit the Philippines
this year.

PARA thanks everyone for keeping the HERO network frequency clear. Some contesters
had been on the frequency but once it was politely explained they readily

-Jim Linton VK3PC, Chairman IARU Region 3 Disaster Communications Committee.

In the news report "Typhoon begins to cut its path on land" please amend
in two (2) places the callsign of Jojo Vicencio to read DU1VHY.


Date:         2014年12月8日 上午5:34
Subject:         [R3-dcom] Great efforts by Philippine hams

Great efforts by Philippine hams

The emergency communications provided by hams continues as the devastating
Typhoon Hagupit (locally called Ruby) moves slowly across the Philippines.

Thelma Pascua DU1IVT, Philippines Amateur Radio Society (PARA) Chief Operating
Officer reports that both 7.095 MHz and 144.740 MHz is in use by the Ham
Emergency Radio Operations (HERO) network.

"As Typhoon Hagupit enters its third day ham operators continue to provide
essential traffic as the storm progresses through Philippine territory,"
she said.

PARA, the IARU member society, has sent requests to the neighbouring ORARI
in Indonesia, and JARL in Japan, asking for help to publicise the need for
all operators to steer clear of the 40 metre frequency used for emergency

Thelma DU1IVT said, "A HERO volunteer and RADNET-5 President Ronald Madera
DW5NLH from Tacloban advised that the Oras West Elementary School used as
evacuation centre in Eastern Samar has collapsed, resulting in injuries to
evacuees. A rescue team was despatched and this event was to be covered by
a news team."

At the height of the typhoon there were no HERO volunteers in the provincial
capital of Borongan. That shortage resulted in a HERO request via Captain
Rick Catungal DV6RCC, an Army Captain managing disaster communications in
Capiz, and through the Philippine National Police headquarters in Camp Crame,
Quezon City, Metro Manilla.

Gil Lappay 4F2KWT helped in providing contacts with a relay of messages were
needed until the request was received.

Confidence that the HERO network could adequately handle all emergency traffic
was shown by around 150 stations that checked in.

As the typhoon was on the move, hams reported the weather and any other developments
into the emergency net.

The net controllers are Romy Isidro DU1SMQ (PARA District 1 Manager), Jojo
Vicencio, DU1VHY (PARA Secretary General and National Traffic System Chairman)
and Thelma Pascua DU1IVT (PARA Chief Operating Officer).

The HERO network running basically from 7am and 7pm has 2pm roll calls to
know each station's reception capabilities at differing propagation.

"We are confident that emergency traffic will be adequately serviced," she

At the request of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), radio
amateurs set up at the NTC Central Office that identifies as DX1NTC.

The task of manning the station is given to PARA affiliate club ACER (DX1ER).
The initial operators include Raul DU1VFS, Mike, DW1VJD and a good CW operator,
Conrad, DU1TDG.
Helping to keep that team in action with provisions and logistics are Nards
DU1LC, Joe, DU1IL and other ACER members.

The NTC regional offices have also set up stations. From NTC Region 3 Alex
DU3AL, Bong DU3BS, Ka Diego DU3DYG; Region 6 assisted by the Panay Amateur
Radio Club and PARA District 6 Manager Ned DU6NE with the constant monitoring
of Bobby DU6BG.

Other stations were reporting local conditions. Nanding DW5OCF on Ormoc City,
Southern Leyte; Jay DV7JAY, Sidney DW7EEE and DW7EQN on Cebu; Art DV7DRG
at Dumaguete City with the rest of NORAD 7 members; embedded members in
the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Operations Centre
(OpCen), Edmund DV7DTE, Ivan DV7DRP reporting wind conditions in Vallehermoso,
Negros Oriental - all the way to the Bicol area with DX4CN embedded in the
Daet Camarines Norte National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council
(NDRRMC) reporting efforts with Lito DU4DF in Naga City.

Ditoy, DW1OZR is reporting from Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro, on the evacuation
efforts in a precautionary measure, prior to the typhoon making landfall
in Mindoro.

The typhoon is expected to make a six (6) landfalls before it eventually
exits the Philippine Area of Responsibility.

ACCESS-5 members 4Nelson, DW5MGB and Edgar DV5EST will be going to Borongan
Eastern Samar to set up HF communications on 7.095 MHz and VHF. Mario 4F5MM
and Jerick 4F5JMS will be going to Catarman, Northern Samar as part of the
assessment team from the Office of Civil Defence.

Nathan DU5AOK was able to talk to Mayor Mabalcon of Paranas, Samar earlier
in the day and the Mayor said "the presence of many volunteers is very encouraging".

Lester DV5PO is reporting about Borongan, Eastern Samar. His report will
be vital to those awaiting his assessment of the aftermath in his area.

Other hams are embedded in the different disaster and risk reduction operations
centres in the different local government units.

Iver DV6ILA and Arnel DV6WAV are manning the Roxas City operations centre.
ACCESS-5 is attached with the Office of Civil Defence, Leyte Province. Vie
DU5VIE of RADNET-5 at the Tacloban City CDRRMC operations center. Ton, DW1QGG
is embedded as operator with the Marinduque authorities. Dulce, DU4UW is
attached to disaster communications at the Sorsogon on the Bicol Peninsula
at southern tip of Luzon.

- Jim Linton VK3PC, Chairman IARU Region 3 Disaster Communications Committee.


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